Nov 6, 2010

Domestic Observances: A success!

Domestic Bliss? Oil, and Mixed Media
Brittany Steigert and I had a wonderful time at our opening.  Thank your for the many friends and family members who have come out the show.   The art community has been very positive about our show.  We have even had 2 reviews! 
One from the always kind but truthful  Tom Wachunas: ArtWatch Blog 
The other from Judi Krew: SnarkyArt Blog   it wasn't even too Snarky :) 

I really enjoyed the fact that our pieces work together so well.  Many times it is more interesting for the viewers to see 2 different styles of cohesive artwork, then a whole room of similar art.

I have had MANY people tell me how much they love, and wished they could have bought  the only painting I had in the show(it sold in the 1st hour of the opening).  I haven't created a painted in 4 years.  Now, however, I am thinking that maybe I need to create more paintings.   I am thinking that I could create a very interesting 1 person show with paintings and framed quilts.  

I am itching to get back in my studio.  But, I have started the arduous but exciting process of applying for my MFA.  I am not allowing my self to enter shows or create art until I have finished.  This will force me too get my applications finished.   

I am floating on a cloud of home made apple sauce and excitement for starting my MFA!