Jan 16, 2010

Baby Blanket for Elijah

I am trying to update my blog on a semi-regular basis this year.  I think that if I update more it will help me to work more often.  I cannot make studio updates about not doing anything.

I started the background painting on my next art quilt.  I have every flat surface in my studio covered in painted fabric (my studio is very small and doesn't have tons of space).  I am fairly excited about this quilt.  There is tons of process involved in the surface design which I LOVE!  It will probably take me about 2 weeks of diligent work to get the surface just right.  I am a little worried though because this quilt is a new color scheme for me, maroon and a deep purply-blue.  I am having trouble keeping my colors within the right range.  I am very good with brown and teals: however, life is not just about those two colors.

Also today I started my first, of many, baby blankets.  I am moving from the going to weddings stage of my life to the baby shower stage.  I am making with a fleece quilt top, backing it with a really soft chenille and edging it with that silk blanket edging.  It is going to be the softest baby blanket ever! I'm concerned that it is going to be hard to quilt because that chenille is tricky stuff.  It might not be an art quilt, but it is a quilt and that is good enough for right now.

If you are looking for something to listen too today I would recommend Grizzly Bear   While You Wait for the Others The music video is WEIRD but the song is amazing.

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