Jun 20, 2010

I'm going to try it again

Ok, so I have not been posting much.  I am going to try it again.  I participated in an awesome webinar about blogging given by Melanie Testa earlier this week.   So, to catch up I will just give you a photo montage of a few of the things that I should have been posting about.      

This photo was taken in an amazing fabric shop is the strip district in Pittsburgh.  


  1. Hi Liz.. I listened to that webinar as well... I thought it was good and I picked up a couple of ideas I have implemented on my blog.
    Love the look of that fabric shop you are in!
    Wishing you the 'blogging' best.

  2. Hi Liz...thanks for checking out my blog. I'm with you and am not sure where this blog is headed. I'm trying this blogging thing, I think, to allow me to document the evolution and creative process of my paintings from start to finish. Maybe it will allow me to express what I do and why and when. I'm asked all the time what was I thinking or what was my inspiration or what do you mean by this or that. I usually don't have a very good answer. Good luck with your shows. See you soon.